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Social responsibility and philanthropy advisory for athletes

We offer guidance and support in the development of social responsibility strategies, as well as professional advice on the potential benefits of collaborating with different organizations.

Comprehensive advice and support off the field

We provide the tools and information so that you, the athlete can decide how to continue to exploit your sports career in a sustainable way even after retirement.
We provide tools, support and advice for the development of an efficient and sustainable life plan that allows you to continue generating income even after your sports career is over.
We assist in entrepreneurship plans, preparing business plans and accompanying you throughout the process.
We guide, investigate and advice on the process of hiring external professional service providers when necessary
We strengthen the social impact of our clients to contribute to the growth of their personal brand.

Advice on high impact social issues, reputational management and media training

We provide athletes with the necessary tools and information to adequately manage the media, and help them prepare to handle any topic with full awareness of the possible repercussions.

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